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There is growing interest in organic dairy production systems. While organic dairy farms face many of the same challenges as conventional dairy farms, organic rules impose restrictions on organic producers. This program will focus on technologies and management practices that allow organic producers to better manage reproduction on their farms.

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This program will teach organic dairy producers and those considering transition to organic production on how activity systems and other technologies can help them better manage reproduction on their dairy.  Precision technologies can help save labor costs, improve animal performance, and provide added opportunities for herd management.  While there is a perception that these technologies are only appropriate for larger dairy farms, this program will give examples of how activity systems and other technologies are being used on smaller dairy farms, including organic and other pasture based systems.

SmartStart Credits

This program is eligible for 2 SmartStart credits from AgChoice Farm Credit.



SCR Dairy and Select Sires


Mat Haan

, Extension educator

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