On-Farm Resource Team Training

The Center for Dairy Excellence (CDE) provides support to help Pennsylvania dairy farms establish on-farm resource teams.

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Course Details

Using the team approach to make better business decisions or to troubleshoot a problem area can lead to greater profitability. This two-part Webinar training series, sponsored by the CDE, covers the basic steps to forming a team, establishing team goals, and monitoring team progress. A one-hour follow-up discussion assesses team progress and enables networking with other teams.

Sponsored by the Center for Dairy Excellence, this webinar is for newly formed CDE On-Farm Resource Teams. Over the years, this webinar program has provided hundreds of new dairy teams the knowledge and skills necessary to get off to a successful start.

"Team training has helped to give me a better understanding of the seasons a team goes through (forming, storming, norming, and performing). The training can help members to have realistic expectations for the team."

- Jeffrey Nissley, owner, Jubilee Dairy

The training is designed as a two-part series for new team members. The first part is a 90-minute webinar about the basics of successful team operation. Participants select from one of the dates listed below to complete the 90-minute session:

The second part is a short one-hour follow-up discussion to assess team progress and enable networking with other teams for continued successful team operation.

Teams will learn:

  • the basic steps to forming a team
  • how to establish team goals and monitor team progress
  • the stages of team development and the tools that work at different stages


Instructor is Dr. Lisa Holden, associate professor, Penn State Department of Animal Science.

SmartStart Credit

This program is eligible for 1 SmartStart credit from AgChoice Farm Credit. 


The webinar is free of charge to farms participating in the Center for Dairy Excellence On-Farm Resource Team program.

For More Information

Any PA dairy producer may apply to join the CDE On-Farm Resource Team program. Financial support and other resources are available to those accepted into the program. Contact the Center for Dairy Excellence: or 717-346-0849.