Maintaining Good Rumen Health in High-Producing Cows

This program will focus on keeping high-producing dairy cows efficient and healthy by emphasizing good rumen health through feeding balanced high-forage rations with adequate effective fiber and proper feeding facilities.

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"Maintaining Good Rumen Health in High-Producing Cows provided detailed higher-level information of the basics of good rumen health. In addition to other topics, this workshop increased my knowledge of acute acidosis."
  -Zack Kreiger, co-owner, Kreiger Farm

Nutritional and environmental issues related to providing and maintaining good rumen health will be explored. Other topic areas include: sub-acute rumen acidosis (SARA), rumen health and SARA prevention, proper feeding system design and surface areas.


For more information, call the Penn State Extension Dairy Team office at 888-373-7232 or contact Dr. Jud Heinrichs at

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