Feed Management by the Numbers

Optimizing feeding management practices can improve nutrient balance and result in less nitrogen and phosphorus being excreted in the manure.

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Successful rations rely on forage quality and quantity as well as feeding management. This is sometimes referred to as precision feeding but the underlying principle is the formulated ration is only as good as its implementation.

The advantage to the cow is providing a consistent ration day to day. The producer benefits from improved feed efficiency and potentially improved animal performance, which increases milk income.

"Feeding Management by the Numbers" will highlight how total mixed ration (TMR) audits have benefited both dairy and beef operations. An update from the past three years of Pennsylvania's feed management program will be presented. Results will be shared including how manure phosphorus levels, milk urea nitrogen and milk nitrogen efficiency have been impacted by feed management.

There have been successes and challenges with this program. The national program has undergone some changes and they will be discussed.

Dairy and beef producers and their nutritionists that have participated in the USDA-NRCS feed management program are invited to attend. The program is open to others that would like to hear more about how feed management can affect animal performance and the environment.


Virginia Ishler

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