Best Milking Practices

An interactive workshop that educates producers, herd managers, farm employees and industry representatives on proper milking techniques and milking practices to produce a high quality product.

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"Implementing practices learned at The Best Milking Practices Workshop has cut our milking time in half. I never dreamed you could milk so fast!"
     -Freemon Yoder, milker,  Kimmel Brothers Farm

"Best Milking Practices" will educate farm managers and employees on proper milking techniques and milking practices to produce a high quality product.  This program will help to increase productivity and profitability on dairies that participate.  Work with extension educators to create a customized agenda that is of interest to you and relevant to your or your clients’ operations.

Potential topics include:

Best Milking Practices

Producers will understand the importance of early detection of clinical mastitis and implement the use of a strip cup, pre-stripping, milking gloves and CMT test.

Best Milking Practices: On-Farm Culturing

This program will educate dairy producers, farm managers, and industry representatives the importance of reduced antibiotic use to treat mastitis.  This program will teach participants how to properly implement an On Farm Mastitis Culturing program, identify bacteria and make educated treatment decisions to aid in increase profitability. 

Best Milking Practices: For Hispanics

Custom workshops taught in Spanish are available for your farm or small groups. Please contact us for more information or to schedule.

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SmartStart Credits

SmartStart credits are available for Best Milking practices (2),  On-Farm Culture (1), and For Hispanics (1).


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