Mobile Apps

Mobile apps allow technology to be accessible at your fingertips. Production, economic, and feed information for dairy and crop producers is available in multiple apps: DairyCents, DairyCents Pro, CropCents, and PSU Herd Metrics.

Dairy farmers, on-farm advisers and educators can conveniently connect to resources and computer models without ever leaving their truck, tractor, or barn.

These mobile apps were made possible by USDA -RMA and the Mid-Atlantic Water Program.

natl water program USDA RMA

CropCents is a mobile app that calculates actual costs to produce home raised feeds for crop, dairy, and beef producers.

A mobile application that assists with the determination of how many heifers are needed and are produced within a time period for a dairy operation. The tool adds graphical interpretation, scenarios, and an economic impact of the herd's performance.

Record books and an online tool designed to help dairy producers monitor milk production and feed intakes from the herd daily.

The Farm Margin mobile application is the first step in calculating a dairy's break even cost of production.