Business Management

Good business management skills are essential as the dairy industry increases in complexity.

The importance of critical decisions that must be made is increasing, and progressive producers must continually analyze the costs and benefits of business decisions.

Educational resources for the 2014 Agricultural Act's Dairy Margin Protection Program

Cash flow planning, income over feed cost, and profitability assessment

Mobile apps allow technology to be accessible at your fingertips. Production, economic, and feed information for dairy and crop producers is available in multiple apps: DairyCents, DairyCents Pro, CropCents, and PSU Herd Metrics.

The DairyCents mobile app calculates income over feed costs and compares prices of various forages, grains and commodities to the Penn State Feed Price List.

A monthly summary of market prices for forage and concentrate ingredients.

This video explains tagging requirements for livestock and demonstrates how to apply the RFID tag properly.