Economics and Budgeting


by Dr. John Comerford

by Dr. John Comerford

Webinar by Dr. Chris Raines, Extension meats specialist. Processing and Packaging Grass-Finished Beef

Webinar by Dr. John Comerford - Feeder cattle buyers have several costs


“My neighbor is not a farmer, so he lets me make hay on his place just to keep the grass cut, so that hay is free” is a statement we hear often in the Northeast. Is it really free? The answer is certainly NO!

Understanding the factors involved in estimating the amount of beef derived from the live animal will assist cattle producers who directly market their beef.


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Report of the Pa Steer Test which was a cooperative effort of the PA Department of Agriculture and Penn State University. The test was conducted at the Pennsylvania Livestock Evaluation Center in Centre County. Objectives were: 1.To determine the factors that influence profitability of cattle fed in PA 2.To determine the value of feeder cattle produced in Pennsylvania

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Presentation by Dr. John Comerford. Includes information on animal behavior, corral design and proper handling techniques

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