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Summer is a Critical Time to Watch for Poisonous Plants in our Pastures
July 26, 2017
Horses, cattle, sheep, and goats will generally avoid poisonous plants. Grazing animals seem to have an innate sense of which plants are okay to consume and which to avoid. However, in pastures which have become overgrazed or brown from drought they will be more apt to sample less palatable species including poisonous broadleaves.
Beef Research Tour During Ag Progress Days
July 3, 2017
Take a short bus ride to the Livestock Evaluation Center and learn about research on making more beef with the use of implants!
Photo by Brian Prechtel.  USDA ARS
Are Our Cattle Too Good?
May 31, 2017
Beef cattle producers are rightfully proud of producing a "good" product but sometimes go to extremes on weight endpoints to achieve this product. We should really be assessing the cost of putting on those extra pounds of fat if we are going to stay in business.