Purchase Penn State Soil Test Kits

Plants not performing as you would like, vegetables not as tasty as last year, maybe it's your soil! To speak to a Master Gardener you can contact your Allegheny County Extension Office or stop in to purchase PSU Soil Test Kit/s.
Bountiful gardens begin with healthy soil!

Bountiful gardens begin with healthy soil!

Purchasing PSU Soil Test Kits

Any individual wanting to purchase Penn State Soil Test Kits can visit the Extension Office during regular work hours 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Monday-Friday) and purchase kit/s in person with a check, cash or money order. Each sale will include a handwritten receipt.

Penn State Extension of Allegheny County
Energy Innovation Center
1435 Bedford Avenue - Suite A

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Pricing Information
  • For first time users we strongly recommend the $12 kit. This kit includes a full color brochure detailing how to take the sample, package and ship it to the Penn State Analytical Laboratory and a five page print out to assist in the interpretation of lab results. Allegheny County Extension office created this kit as a service to our residents who have questions/concerns about the procedure for soil testing.
  • Additional kits are $9 each. If an individual has done soil tests in the past the $12 kit is unnecessary and the $9 kit will meet the person’s needs. We offer the $12 kit to assist our residents who may have concerns about the procedure for taking samples.
  • Remember, multiple crops = multiple kits, meaning vegetable garden, flower garden, lawn etc… at the same address do need individual tests. Each “crop” has different soil requirements.

Please Note

All kits are for the Standard Fertility Test

If you are interested in optional analyses, they are priced separately and listed on the forms within the kit. An additional check needs to be included with your sample for any tests beyond the Standard Fertility Test.

Specific questions related to the kits and/or optional tests can be forwarded to our Master Gardener GardenLine 412-482-3476 or

You are also welcome to contact the Penn State Analytical Laboratory at 814-863-0841 or

After the Samples are Sent to the Laboratory

After a resident’s soil sample/s are received by the Penn State Analytical Laboratory results are generally mailed back in 7 to 10 business days. Again, if there are questions regarding the results, the recipient is welcome to contact our Master Gardeners’ GardenLine for further interpretation, or call the Penn State Analytical Laboratory directly (both numbers listed above).