Fooled By Food: Holiday & Everyday Strategies for Healthy Restaurant Eating
November 27, 2012
In a culture where a cheeseburger is cheaper than an apple, sometimes it is not easy deciphering what to eat, how much to eat, or even where to eat. Our nation is confused and overwhelmed with food. Unfortunately, the food industry’s misleading marketing has led to misinformed consumers, resulting in an astronomical prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. These diseases have crept into our children, escalated health-care costs, and done a number on our aging bodies.
Tucking Your Vegetable Garden in for the Winter
November 2, 2012
Now that the growing season is over, it is time to prepare the vegetable garden for winter. A little work now can help reduce next year’s insect and disease problems while improving the soil. Removing spent plants is a good first step. Getting rid of those plants helps eliminate overwintering sites for insects and disease-causing organisms. If you do not have a compost pile, fall is a good time to start one so that you can compost those spent plants – at least the healthy ones.
Agritainment (Agriculture + Entertainment) in Western PA
November 2, 2012
Growing numbers of consumers spend valuable time and financial resources shopping for fresh, seasonal and nutritious food for themselves and their families. This segment of consumers take the extra time to go to farm stands, farmers markets and even ask mainstream grocers to carry local goods.( USDA, Economic Research Report No. (ERR-97) 87 pp, May 2010)
Pittsburgh - Home to Burgh Bees and America's First Urban Community Apiary
October 3, 2012
Interest in urban agriculture is growing and part of that interest includes keeping honey bees in cities throughout the United States. Building on this popularity, in 2007, a handful of Pittsburghers started with a simple but ambitious dream: to create a community apiary where city dwellers could keep honey bees, much like urban gardeners tend plots in community gardens. By the Spring of 2011, a once trash-strewn vacant lot in the Homewood section of Pittsburgh had been transformed into a beautiful haven where 25 honey bee colonies are tended by trained, committed beekeepers in the midst of a vibrant pollinator garden.
Consider Lawn "Renovation" for Drought Damaged Grass
August 25, 2012
Although rain and more seasonable temperatures have returned to western Pennsylvania, lawns damaged by the very hot, dry weather in early summer may still need a little help to recover. Hot, dry weather is the bane of cool season grasses typically grown in northern lawns, including Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, fine fescues and turf-type tall fescue.
Preserving Your Harvest - Tomatoes
May 23, 2012
I had a very hard time deciding the topic for this article. There are so many things to preserve in July and August. Most herbs are at their peak; drying racks will be full. Peaches, melons, nectarines, and plums are in season. Your garden will be overflowing with summer squash, beans, cukes, and root crops. (Don’t forget that zucchini can be made into wonderful pickles, as can green beans.) I settled on tomatoes. What do you do with all of those tomatoes?!
Loss of Knowledge Exchange Impacts Farming Community
March 30, 2012
At the turn of the last century, when over 40% of America’s workforce was farming, the farming community sustained itself through the passing of knowledge and experience from one generation to the next. Up-and-coming farmers looked to their relatives and neighbors for guidance and mentorship, and in turn, experienced farmers were well equipped with skilled and cost-effect labor to help run the farm.
Food Preservation Classes Offered
March 20, 2012
Do you have more vegetables or fruit than you can eat? Are you interested in the learning how to preserve food safely? Extension is now offering a series of food preservation classes, using up-to-date research-based information. Each class will be composed of formal instruction, an actual preserving demonstration, samples, and recipes.
Rebecca Street Residents Will See Yellow this Spring!
January 6, 2012
On Saturday, December 17th, Allegheny County Extension staff and Master Gardeners joined a enthusiastic crew of 15 community members in planting 2,200 daffodil bulbs along the 800 block of Rebecca Street in Wilkinsburg.
Allegheny County Home to First Community Apiary
January 6, 2012
What do two Carnegie Mellon MBA graduates, a lawyer, a corporate pilot, a Penn State University communications professor, a Duquesne University professor of occupational therapy, a state wildlife biologist, an architect and the Penn State extension director have in common? Answer….. A shared vision to promote beekeeping as a vital part of sustainable agriculture in Pittsburgh and to establish this country’s first community apiary.