Lean and Green: Best Management Practices for School Grounds

Posted: July 8, 2011

Held at O’Hara Elementary School, in the Fox Chapel School District, on Thursday, July 7th, this daylong program focused on managing lawns, athletic fields and ornamental plantings with little or no pesticide use.
Dr. Jennifer Grant leads IPM Field Walk

Dr. Jennifer Grant leads IPM Field Walk

The topic, offered in response to growing parental concerns regarding their children’s exposure to pesticides, attracted twenty-seven participants. They included school and university maintenance employees, landscape contractors that manage school grounds, and parks employees. Sessions on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in schools and for landscape ornamentals on their grounds were complimented by a field walk and demonstrations. Dr. Jennifer Grant, Coordinator–New York State IPM Program, emphasized the importance and process for communicating a grounds management plan to administrators, school boards, parents and staff.

This program was sponsored by:

  • The IPM Institute of North America through a grant from the United States
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • The USDA Northeastern IPM Center,
  • IPM in Schools Work Group
  • New York State IPM Program/Cornell University
  • Penn State Extension
  • Pennsylvania IPM Program/Penn State