Allegheny County 4-H Horse Show

Posted: August 24, 2011

4-H members compete in county horse show, with opportunity to advance to district and state shows.
4-H Leader Colleen Sotak helps Alexis Gohring get ready for trail class

4-H Leader Colleen Sotak helps Alexis Gohring get ready for trail class

Twenty-eight 4-H members from Manely Horses 4-H Club, North Ridge Riders 4-H Club, 24 Carrot 4-H Club, and Silver Spurs 4-H Club competed in the Allegheny County 4-H Horse and Pony Show held August 13 at the North Park Horse Show Ring. Participants competed in performance classes in grooming and showmanship, English and Western riding, trail and equitation, and pony and mini horse driving.

4-H members who work on horse performance projects learn horsemanship skills and participate in 4-H performance events. During the year, members work with adult leaders on activities in the 4-H horse project activity guide. The purpose of the performance horsemanship project is to help 4-H members learn and practice horsemanship skills, learn and apply principles of horse care and management, explore interest in horses and the horse industry, and develop skills for living.

Throughout the program year, members improve their horsemanship skills and knowledge in variety of areas and should be able to demonstrate safety guidelines for riding and working around horses, identify the external parts of the horse, describe how to clean and care for tack and equipment, show the proper way to tie, saddle and bridle a horse, describe ways to keep a horse healthy, and explain how much feed and water their horse needs each day. Members keep a stable record of expenses and a monthly record of time spent riding, driving, handling, or caring for their horse.

The Allegheny County 4-H Horse Show is held near the end of the 4-H program year. Participants who score first through sixth place can go on to compete in the District 11 Horse Show September 16-17, at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Those that place first or second at the district show can compete in the State 4-H Horse and Pony Show at the Harrisburg Farm Show Arena in October. Allegheny County 4-H members are already working on stall decorations for the state horse show. Individual members will be represented by photos and heraldry symbols hand-drawn and copied onto shields.