Update on Changes in Penn State Extension

A conversation with Dennis Calvin, director of Penn State Extension, about the organizational change to address the needs of customers.

Why was change needed?

As with any 100-year-old business, change is necessary to adapt to the changing needs of customers. In response to stakeholder input in 2007 Penn State Extension engaged a process of change that continues today to meet their current and future needs. This process was reinforced by the University’s Core Council mandates and the college’s Ag Futures report.


On December 7, 2010, the Director of Extension submitted an informational report to the Faculty Senate (PDF), describing the historic context of Cooperative Extension, discussing how extension's role had evolved over the previous 96 years, and what changes were needed to remain successful in the future. An update to the Faculty Senate report (PDF) was presented to the Faculty Senate in March 2012 describing progress that had been made toward a new extension model.

A third informational report to the Faculty Senate provides the most up-to-date information on the ongoing process of change. The video above from December 2014 provides some context for these changes and what it means moving forward.