Clinton County 4-H Partners with YMCA for New Programs

Posted: June 11, 2014

Traditional 4-H clubs meet in communities everywhere - usually during evenings, on weekends, or on summer days. Being involved in a traditional 4-H club requires that an adult be available to transport the 4-H member to and from meetings and activities. For some families, all that running works out just fine, but for others, it's just not feasible.

The 4-H Program is charged with reaching out to all audiences - both those who can travel to meetings and those who can't. For this reason, Clinton County 4-H will partner with the YMCA to offer some alternatives for busy families this year.

A generous grant from the Clinton County Community Foundation has helped to launch and fund the partnership. Currently, there are two 4-H YMCA partnerships in the works:

  • The 4-H After School Club: This group is open to children who attend the YMCA's after-school care program. Children must be 8 or older to participate. The club meets during the school year on Monday afternoons and is led by Penn State Extension Program Assistant Laura Sproat. Youth in the club completed the Exploring the Treasures of 4-H project this spring - a curriculum packed with hands-on activities that's designed to show them glimpses of the many different types of projects that 4-H has to offer. Youth in this club are also eligible to attend other 4-H events, including 4-H residential camp.
  • The 4-H/YMCA Summer Day Camp Program: This summer, youth enrolled in the YMCA's summer school-age childcare program will participate in a wide variety of 4-H activities. Penn State Extension staff have planned and will facilitate a series of educational activities, field trips, and sessions with guest presenters - all of them based on 4-H curricula. 4-H-themed weeks this summer will cover entomology (the study of insects), wildlife & the environment, and agriculture. The agriculture week will culminate in a trip to the Clinton County Fair. In addition, YMCA staff will utilize 4-H project materials to lead activities in 4-H project areas ranging from theater arts to science.