Mechanics of Play and Point System

1. Format

  1. A double elimination tournament style format will be followed. Any team which loses two games will be eliminated from the contest. The contest will continue until only one team remains with less than two losses.

2. Pairings, Byes, Order of Play and Placing

  1. The average team score for the written test (lowest score will still be dropped) will be used to determine the seedings for the contest.
  2. In the case of two average team written test scores being identical, the seeding will be determined by a coin toss.
  3. The contest will be a class double elimination contest and will run as such by an individual versed in contest organization.

3. The written scores will not be added in again at the end of the oral competition.

4. The moderator will ask a question. The first person whose light flashes must start to answer the question within five (5) seconds after being acknowledged, or LOSE five (5) points.

  1. Any member answering a question without being acknowledged will LOSE five (5) points.
  2. It will be the responsibility of the judges to determine that an answer was started within the five (5) seconds allowed. It should be noted that repeating the question does not constitute the initiation of an answer.
  3. If the question has been completely read, the moderator will not repeat the question and the other team will have the opportunity to ring in within five (5) seconds.
  4. Timing will begin when the question is complete and when a signal is activated.

5. When a signal is activated before the question is completely read, the moderator shall stop reading the question, then the contestant has five (5) seconds to start the answer based on that portion of the question.

  1. If the answer is correct, the team will receive five (5) points. Incorrect answer, the team loses five (-5) points.
  2. If the question was interrupted, the judge may NOT ask the contestant to be more specific, expand, or explain in any way their answer.
  3. If an interrupted question is answered incorrectly, the question shall then be completely reread and the other team will have the opportunity to answer it.

6. If neither team can offer an answer to the question within ten (10) seconds, the moderator will give the answer and the question will be dropped.

7. The ONLY discussion allowed between team members will be on BONUS questions. The answers MUST come from the team captain.

  1. Only the number of answers required by the bonus question will be accepted. Example: If the bonus has a four part answer, the first four answers given by the team captain will be accepted.
  2. On a bonus question the team may have ten (10) seconds to consult. Time will be called at the end of ten (10) seconds, the captain must start the answer within five (5) seconds.
  3. Once the captain starts the answers, he/she will have thirty (30) seconds to complete the answers required.


Decisions and Interpretations:

Answers and interpretations of questions will be the sole responsibility and final recall of the moderator or judge (if used). All decisions of the moderator and/or judge, scorekeepers, and referee-timers are FINAL.

  1. A team member will have the privilege to ask the judge to verify an answer that he/she feels is correct.
  2. If a coach challenges the judge's decision, the coach must call "time-out" immediately (before the next question is read). A decision made by the judge after the answer is verified, will be FINAL.
  3. Only answers contained in the Avian Bowl Manual will be acceptable to the Judge.


Point System:

Correct Answer: 5

Incorrect Answer: -5

Acknowledgment Penalty: -5

Bonus Question : 10