PAE4-HA Members Shine at Galaxy IV Conference

Posted: October 23, 2013

During the September 2013 Galaxy IV Conference in Pittsburgh, an impressive number of Penn State Extension employees, who are members of PAE4-HA, were selected to present their noteworthy educational programs and research findings.
PAE4-HA member, Dwayne Hay, discusses his work with an environmentally friendly, animal management, teen leadership program during a Galaxy IV Poster Session.

PAE4-HA member, Dwayne Hay, discusses his work with an environmentally friendly, animal management, teen leadership program during a Galaxy IV Poster Session.

Every 5 years, extension professionals from all program areas (4-H, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Family and Consumer Sciences, Community Development) and from all across the country gather to share best practices, learn new skills, and celebrate their achievements at a Galaxy Conference. The fourth ever Galaxy conference was held right in PAE4-HA's backyard, in Pittsburgh, during September of 2013. Not only was PAE4-HA proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of the event, but association members were honored to be chosen as presenters throughout the conference. Congratulations to the following PAE4-HA members and their teams, who offered live presentations and professional posters during the event.


1.       A New Era For Extension: Using On Demand Technology to Deliver Extension Programming to Child Care Professionals (Claudia Mincemoyer - Penn State Extension)

2.       Bridging the Gap between Traditional 4-H Clubs and Web-based Technology (Natalie Aiello, Susan Alexander, Ann Dunkerton, Amy Murphy – Penn State Extension)

3.       Building Successful Collaborations to Address Critical Issues Nutrition & Health (Denise Continenza, Becky Kaucher, Cathy Straub - Penn State Extension)

4.   Fitness/Nutrition/Health - Extension Programming Tools (Jan Scholl as part of a larger group - coordinated by Sandy Corridon, University of Maryland Extension)

5.       Make a Plan, Be Prepared, Act. (Amy Murphy & Kelly Weisner - Penn State Extension)


1.       4-H Citizenship Impact of Community Service in Pennsylvania (Pamela Paletta - Penn State Extension)

2.       4-H Teens Teaching Environmentally Responsible Animal Project Management - A Collaborative Approach (Jennifer Fetter, Dwayne Hay, Christine Corl - Penn State Extension)

3.       A Comparative Analysis of Effectiveness of 4-H Program As Perceived by 4-H Volunteer Leaders and Parents of 4-H Participants (Rama Radhakrishna, Patreese Ingram, Anil Kumar Chaudhary - Penn State Extension)

4.       A Team Approach to Volunteer Management and Development – Pennsylvania Success (Carol Schurman, Deborah Brodhecker, Shad Henderson, Christine Corl, Martha Gregory, Dwayne Hay, Mary Jo Kraft, Paula Lucas, Amy Murphy, Cindie Searight, Evelyn Simmons - Penn State Extension)

5.       Bridging the Gap between Club and Community (Ann Dunkerton & Pamela Paletta - Penn State Extension)

6.       Bridging the Gap between Past and Future: Back to our Roots and Growing Forward (Ann Dunkerton - Penn State Extension)

7.       Bridging the Gap between Tradition and Technology (Natalie Aiello, Susan Alexander, Ann Dunkerton, Amy Murphy – Penn State Extension)

8.       Dive Deeper - Youth Water Educator's Summit: A New Opportunity For Sharing Extension's Best Practices (Jennifer Fetter & Sanford Smith - Penn State Extension)

9.       Pennsylvania 4-H Growing Science (Toni Stuetz - Penn State Extension)

10.   Protecting Children Against Abuse (Christy Bartley & Marilyn Corbin, Penn State Extension)

11.   Research Index to Help Professionals Locate 4-H Studies On-Line (Jan Scholl - Penn State Extension

12.   Team Horse Power: Learning to Lead; Reaching New Audiences (Kirsten Dubbs, Bethany Bickel, Suzanne Boarts, Patricia Comerford, Donna Grey, Andrea Kocher, Lori Little, Joann Logan, Helene McKernan, Lew Trumble, Lisa Witmer, Donna Zang - Penn State Extension)

13.   The Longitudinal Study of 4-H Fashion Revue Participants (Jan Scholl, Sandra Hall - Penn State Extension and Kendra Taylor - Penn State University (Student))