Poultry 4-H Club Committed to Improving The Community

Posted: August 3, 2012

The Birds of Different Feather, a poultry 4-H club, have been committed to improving the community at large for the last several years.
Poultry Club Service

Poultry Club Service

This past spring, they ventured in a new direction that Montgomery county 4-H has never done before. Josh Cassar, a long time 4-H member of the club, and award winning graduating senior, explains more about this project.

Here are the specifics of our community service project: we collected 103 boxes of shoes equaling 3327 lbs, and received $0.50 per pound of shoes, for a total of $1663.50. The foundation we collected our shoes for was, ShoeBox Recycling; they will distribute the shoes to third world countries. Are club will be voting on which cancer related charity; we will be donating our monies in memory of Mary Lapinski, a club member who just recently passed away from a form of brain cancer. Our club/members did a great job filling the boxes, and our project was a big success. We also ran a box decorating contest to encourage participation...and will also award prizes for the most boxes collected. Thank you to everyone at the extension center for all their donations and patience with our project. ~Joshua Cassar

It is with innovative thinking, and a passion for changing the world, that pour 4-H members truly impact a community. Their efforts are celebrated and commended on many levels.

More information about the poultry club: Youth of all walks of life (urban and rural) are involved in the 4-H poultry program. The 4-H poultry projects are some of the most popular 4-H programs in Pennsylvania. Project work is the backbone of the 4-H poultry program. Project areas are offered to youth 8 to 18 years old. Subjects include embryology, raising and rearing poultry, and poultry and egg consumer projects. These projects are what motivate youth to learn teamwork, develop interpersonal skills, build enthusiasm and enjoy challenges.