2012 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational - Experience

Posted: August 3, 2012

Representing Pennsylvania in the 2012 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational was the experience of a lifetime.
2012 4-H Shooting sports Invitational state picture

2012 4-H Shooting sports Invitational state picture

 I’m very blessed to have qualified at states last summer, and to have had the resources to go on this trip. This was a very memorable week, and I am glad to have participated in this event.

Grand Island was a nice town with plenty to do. There were wonderful restaurants to eat at, and the hotel was great. I can honestly say though that I have never seen so much corn in my life. Getting to meet all the kids from different states was a wonderful experience as well. It was really neat to see their different “cultures” I guess I could say. Everyone was very hospitable and kind, and everyone showed respect and good sportsmanship toward each other. Shooting with all of the different states and seeing the different styles of shooting and coaching was really interesting. It was nice to be in an environment where everyone loved shooting competition. I am also rather unfamiliar with other shooting sports that don’t involve a .22, so seeing things like compound archery and muzzle-loading was very intriguing.

Our team did very well, and we ended up coming in second overall. We won the 3 position small bore shoot, which was very exciting; we also took third in silhouette day. Individually, I took 7th in silhouettes and 1st in the 3p shoot. I am very proud of my team and myself for the great accomplishments of that week. Between 45 mile an hour winds, to 100 degree heat, to rain storms we held up pretty well out there. Getting to walk through the gauntlet of small bore shooters and getting our medals on stage was very rewarding. Everyone out there was supportive of each other, and I was so glad to have experienced that. Our four-man small bore team also got a TV interview with a local news station. We figured it was probably due to our home-made pink shirts that said: Shoot like a girl…if you can. By the end of the week, I was sad to go home.

Though I left Nebraska, I brought home with me new friends, a new sense of pride, and wonderful memories. Shooting those competitions has greatly improved my shooting as well. I am so glad to have been there, and I can honestly say that I will miss Nebraska.

Nicholle Benedict