Volunteer Management and Development Group Update

Posted: July 3, 2012

Everyone Ready

Everyone Ready will wrap up this fall.  Before then we need to get our certificate of completion for three sessions.  The June topic, released June 18, is titled “First Days Count:  Orienteering and Welcoming Volunteers for Success.”  As new volunteers come to us, we see differences due to generations and time commitment.  Find out what can be done help their transition a smooth one.  July’s topic is “Managing Change.”  There have been some great topics and sessions.  If you see a previous topic, you can go back and listen to the archived session.

We realize everyone is busy with the myriad of things we have to accomplish both personally and professionally.  However, these are great time fillers if you are at the office between the end of the work day and an evening program or need a break during the day.  There may be other stuff you could work on but this could give you the uninterrupted time you need to get some advice or learn how someone else puts a new twist on an old topic.

Volunteer Salute to Excellence Award

The Salute to Excellence nominations are due September 4th through November 4th.  Each county may nominate a volunteer.  A state winner from the nominations submitted will then compete at the regional level and then the national level.  Watch your email for the nomination form!

Northeast Regional Volunteer e-Forum

We have received a few emails from Christy concerning the new format for the NE Regional Volunteer e-forum.  The dates are the following Mondays:  October 29, November 5 and November 12.  The forums will be held electronically from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Several counties have already submitted their information to Christy as a host for this annual program in a new format.  This is new since we have volunteers who have made an annual trek to this program in states along the north east corridor.  However, this format may bring in some new folks who wouldn’t be able to travel and can now have a similar experience.

Southwest 4-H Leader Symposium

A committee of 4-H volunteers and 4-H staff in the southwest plan this program.  We all received an email from Carol Schurman asking for us to submit workshops to her by August 1.  The program will take place February 15-16-, 2013 at the Holiday Inn in Indiana, PA.   Programs for volunteers are offered Friday evening and Saturday morning.  If you have questions please contact Carol Schurman or refer to her email.