National 4-H Congress 2012 - Design Team Update

Posted: July 3, 2012

What better way is there to spend five days in November than traveling to Atlanta with the some of the best 4-H members in the country?

Though November may seem far away, it is time for you to consider being a part of the Pennsylvania delegation to the 2012 National 4-H Congress. The Design Team has been busy at work since February planning to optimize your National Congress experience.

As a National Congress participant, you will be given the opportunity to attend traditional workshops such as speed meeting and team building, as well as workshops that you choose yourself. The workshops are extremely unique and hands-on, while all falling under the categories of citizenship, science, or healthy lifestyles.

Beyond workshops, attending National Congress gives you the privilege of giving back to the Atlanta community. One day is dedicated solely to service. Everyone is put into small groups, and the groups travel to locations outside of the hotel and conference center and participate in a hands-on service project. Participating in a community service project outside of your own community and outside of your local club is a much different experience, and could be one of the most rewarding experiences in your 4-H career.

Delegates will have another chance to leave the hotel when they embark on the Atlanta tours. Our beautiful host city, Atlanta, has a lot for visitors to see and many different tour opportunities. This year there will be new and exciting tours for the delegates to choose from.

Of course, a 4-H event is not complete without a dance. In fact, National Congress has two dances. One dance is on International Night. During this night, everyone will get to see and experience different cultures represented by the traditional outfits worn in different countries as well as the food served. The other dance at National Congress is after the formal gala on the last night.

Please contact your county extension educator today for more information and details about this once in a lifetime 4-H experience! Hope to see everyone in November!

Starting in September the Design Team will be posting videos with exciting news and insight about the 2012 Congress. You can stay connected with National 4-H Congress website at, like 2012 National 4-H Congress on Facebook, and follow us @Nat4HCongress on Twitter!