Breakfast with the Corbetts

Posted: May 21, 2012

Over the past 8 years, the Pennsylvania 4-H State Council has had the opportunity to meet many influential people. The officers meet with faculty, administration, staff and even deans. They often meet one-on-one with their state legislators and promote the 4-H program and high profile events. Lately though, the officers have had some rock star status opportunities, like the one on April 30, 2012.

At every Capital Days event, the State council host delegates, meet legislators, emcee banquets, teach parliamentary procedure workshops, manage committee meetings and facilitate the mock legislative sessions. This year, thanks to Mike Firestine and his family, Capital Days held more in store and will never be forgotten.

Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. the council was at the steps of the Pennsylvania Governor’s residence. Dressed to the nines in their green blazers, and ready for anything, the first lady greeted them in the foyer and welcomed them into her home. Art beyond compare on loan from the Philadelphia Museum of Art adorned the walls. After a tour of the Erie room and its hand painted wallpaper and hutches filled with gifts from governors’ past they were led to a formal dining room set in their honor.

The first Lady (Susan) graciously discussed the importance of youth programming with the council, and the issues Pennsylvania youth and agriculture are currently facing. As the officers explained the current trends in 4-H and the growth of the 4-H science program, the dining room door swung open and joining the breakfast with coffee cup in hand, Governor Corbett took his place opposite the First Lady at the breakfast table.

The first Lady (Susan) Corbett

After a tremendous meal and great conversation on the 4-H Harvest 4-Health initiative, the team headed to Susan’s favorite place, the gardens! Complete with herbs, lettuces and tomatoes, the gardens glistened in the morning sun. Pictures were taken, and ideas exchanged. The council shared their thoughts on service learning, and the opportunities agriculture has afforded them. On the stroll around the grounds, the team was surrounded by the playfulness of two beautiful Airedale Terrier puppies, Penny and Harry, who are certainly the pride and joy of the First family!

The morning concluded with a gift presentation to the First lady. Sarah Bassett, the council president gave Susan a 4-H Centennial plate in honor of the 100 years of strong 4-H tradition in Pennsylvania. The council and the First Lady plan to collaborate on an upcoming youth centered project throughout Pennsylvania. New partnerships forged and a memory to last a lifetime!