New 4-H State Achievement Days Event - Questing

Posted: March 10, 2011

Penn State Quest Event at State Achievement Days! Join fellow 4-H'ers for a fun day of Questing on Penn State's campus during the 2011 4-H State Achievement Days Event this year. It is a time of exploration using a map to find educational treasurers on the Penn State campus.

At 2011 4-H State Achievement Days we will have a new event- Questing! This event will replace the Orienteering contest.

Participants will learn about the history, intricacies, and facts about Penn State.  Such as, where the first Agriculture Degree was awarded, where the Navy tested torpedoes and submarines, and where President Dwight D. Eisenhower stayed on campus many years ago.  You may also find one of the oldest landmarks on the campus- the stone Obelisk, and learn why the American Elm trees are so important to the Penn State Campus.  This fun event will be available as both a competitive OR non-competitive event, and it replaces the 4-H Orienteering Contest staged in past years.

Participants in the Penn State Quest Event will be given information on map reading and expectations prior to setting out on the journey. The non-competitive participants may work alone or in pairs, while the competitors must work alone. Participants are expected to walk/run a moderate distance (2-3 miles), so they must wear comfortable shoes and to be prepared for all types of weather.  The course will be ADA accessible, wheel chairs and scooters are also permissible if required.  Check out the State Days web site for more info.

Feel free to contact Sandy Smith  or Kelly Weisner with any questions.