National 4-H Congress: What a Blast!

Posted: December 19, 2011

Wow! What a blast National 4-H Congress was! I just got back from National Congress which is held in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an awesome experience. I have never had so much fun in my life, and I met so many new friends, some from PA and many from other states. Pennsylvania had 40 delegates and was one of the larger delegations there. We had to be at the Pittsburgh Airport at 4:30 am Black Friday morning, and our plane arrived in Georgia around 7 am, but we actually didn't have to be at registration until 4:30 pm so we had a considerable amount of downtime to start the week.

The first day there it felt like the day went on for hours.  We had an awesome speaker that night who used juggling and aerobics to get his message across to the 4-H members.  On Saturday, we participated in our workshops and then did some team building and speed meeting workshops.  One of my workshops was on “Junk Drawer Robotics”.  There we learned about the basic engineering for a small scale soap box racer.  That night we enjoyed the International Dinner which was followed by a dance.

Sunday was a more laid back day because we only attended some workshops, and that evening we were  treated to a dinner at the Atlanta History Center.  Some of the things we enjoyed there were all the exhibits and an African dancing show.  Monday was our community service work day.  My group was originally going to help clean up at a historical cemetery but with all the rain we were unable to do that.  We were able to go to the Georgia Astrodome (which by the way is totally awesome), and we helped set up for the SEC Championship Game between LSU and Georgia.  Our last day was Tuesday which was a bittersweet day because we had to say goodbye to all of our new friends, but we also were heading for home.  The flight home went really fast.  Ashley and I didn’t think the pilot was going to be able to stop when we landed because we seemed to be coming in really fast!

I am very glad that I was able to take this opportunity to go to National 4-H Congress.  It definitely is a trip of a lifetime, and I wish I could go again.  If you have the chance to go on this 4-H trip, jump on in a heartbeat as this is one trip you don’t want to miss out on.  Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible for Ashley and me.  We will remember it forever.

By: Garrett Richardson