My Experience at 4-H National Conference. By: Garrett Richardson, Indiana County

Posted: May 18, 2011

On Saturday, April 2, 2011, eight 4-H members from all over the state of Pennsylvania traveled to Chevy Chase, Maryland to participate in the National 4-H Conference.

When we arrived at the conference center, we checked into our rooms, went to dinner, and attended the social activity they had planned for us. During the social activity, we had the chance to exchange state pins and to participate in the ice breakers. There were forty-eight states represented at the conference along with Canada and Puerto Rico.

     The next day we enjoyed a hearty breakfast followed by a morning presentation. After the presentation we met up with our round-table groups. My round-table was #11. Each round-table was assigned a different topic to give a presentation on - mine was about Social Media. The whole week the round-tables were hard at work trying to make a presentation and trying to remember the other members’ names. My group successfully  mastered both. Round-table #11’s presentation consisted of a slide and a created video. The video was created by some of my fellow round-table members and me. The video covered the aspects of cyber-bullying, downloading illegal content off the Internet, and improperly posting personal information on the Internet. My round-table had the privilege to present to the National

4-H Council. Most of that day was spent in workshops.

     Monday was a day for workshops and time spent in Washington D.C. While we were in D.C., we went to one part of the Smithsonian and to the Air and Space Museum. We were supposed to visit Arlington cemetery to witness the changing of the guard, but we didn’t make there in time because we got lost on the Metro.  In Washington, D.C. in order to get from place to place, traveling the Metro is essential. Let me tell you, the Metro is a very interesting experience. A trip to D.C. would not be complete without experiencing a ride on the Metro.

     Wednesday, the day that all the 4-H delegates had been waiting for, included the Capitol Hill visits.  Ashley Sloan, Echo Kincaid, and myself were privileged enough to speak with Bill Shuster’s head of staff. To finish off the last official day of the conference, all of the delegates were treated to a cruise on the Potomac River.

     This opportunity was a trip that blew all my other 4-H trips out of the water. I had so much fun. I got to meet new people and make a lot of friends. I definitely, absolutely no doubt in my mind, want to go to this again. If you are a 4-H’er who loves to talk, likes making new friends, and are not afraid to do a little work, this is perfect for you.