Westmoreland Teen's Experience as a 4-H National Conference Delegate

Posted: June 11, 2010

Check out what James Androstic from Westmoreland County has to say about being a part of the 2010 4-H National Conference

The week spent in DC for the National 4-H Conference was one of the most impactful events I had ever participated in. Not only did I attend workshops, have way more fun than humanly possible, and listen to speakers, but I had one on one conversations with other 4-H’ers from all around the nation. I had the opportunity to discuss many pros and cons of other 4-H’ers state programs. With this experience, I can bring back what I have learned from others just like me and apply it to my own state, county, and local 4-H groups. The trip made me realize what 4-H really can do for you, and what you can do for 4-H.&

In special meetings where members of a few states described what exclusive events their state had, we had the ability to learn from others to better ourselves. I learned that Connecticut has a health group sponsored by 4-H’ers, where a few teens on a committee travel around there state to teach healthy habits to other 4-H’ers. I also discovered things about my own state that are unique, but; I assumed everyone had, such as Horse Skill Levels, Farm Show, State Days, and Achievement Night. The National Conference was an event that I will never forget nor will I forget the people I met. There, I learned things about Pennsylvania that I have taken for granted, and found to appreciate the relationship we have with our land grant university, Penn State, that I assumed everyone had. I learned that no matter how far apart we are, all 4-H’ers have many things in common, one being the incredible group we all participate in.