State Council Teens Teach Youth Soapmaking at Farm to Table Day

Posted: June 16, 2010

On Saturday June 5, State Council members Jeanette Blank and Justine Bush traveled to Fox Chase Farm in Philadelphia County for Farm to Table Day. There they had a display about Council and 4-H in general while also doing the "Home Grown Soap" activity (from Acres of Adventure) with the kids who came by.
Jeanette Blank and Justine Bush teach youth how to make soap the 4-H doing it!

Jeanette Blank and Justine Bush teach youth how to make soap the 4-H doing it!

State Council Attends Farm to Table Day

The activity included mixing soap flakes, water, and the option to add green dye into a Playdough-like texture. They then pressed the mixture into a clover-shaped mold and could pick them up once they hardened. Some also made their own shape and took it with them. Around 100 bars of soap were made.

The Council members had the opportunity to introduce themselves on stage to the entire crowd as well during the building of the giant ice cream sundae. They talked about their role on Council, who can be in 4¬-H, and encouraged everyone to stop by the stand. Also present were the newly crowned Bucks County Dairy Princess, her Court, and representatives from the PA Beef and PA Poultry Associations.

Despite the 90 degree temperatures, it was a great experience meeting kids who are not often around agriculture and don’t know about 4-H.Jeanette and Justine were very excited to have several parents sign their children up for 4-H!

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