More Ways to Help your 4-H Program

Posted: November 20, 2014

Here are a few simple ways you can help generate funds for our 4-H program.
  • If your work place participates in the United Way Campaign, please check “other” and write in York County 4-H. Your donation will be forwarded to the office.
  • Search engine – Good Search -  every time you click on GoodSearch search engine, you generate money to us! Each search gives us a penny – and believe it or not this adds up – think of all the times you do a search on the internet. Go to the website and sign up for York County 4-H as your donation choice – and thanks!
  • Check to see if your work place has a program in place that allows you to report the number of hours you volunteer to 4-H and if they will make a contribution to us for your hours; other workplaces have different ‘matching’ programs, so please check to see if there is something that your employer is willing to donate or match to our 4-H program.