School Information Sheet: Meet "Mico" at School

Grades 2 and 3


  • To help children relate their environment to food safety
  • To help children practice food safety techniques and promote good health through food safety


  • Five day life science/nutrition hands on program will help children discover the prevalence of germs and their relationship to food safety
  • Children will learn that hand washing and personal hygiene are related to the prevention of food borne illness
  • Children will also learn the importance of keeping things clean and the dangers of cross contamination

Penn State Extension will provide

  • 4-H student workbook
  • Leader’s guide
  • Petri dishes and swabs for culturing
  • Initial visit to classroom with “glo” germ demonstration
  • Follow up visit and recognition of members
  • Completion ribbons provided for each student

School Responsibility

  • Provide member/student enrollment data
  • Monitor germ experiment
  • Instruct students with written educational activities
  • Assist with final program
  • Provide evaluation data



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School Information Sheet: Meet "Mico" at School


4-H School Enrichment Program

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