4-H County Awards

Each year awards are presented to 4-H members for their outstanding contributions to the 4-H program in their community and in Washington County.

It is the job of the 4-H leaders to nominate members who they feel are deserving of these various awards.  Please submit the completed 4-H County Award Form for the 4-H member including their accomplishments as related to their 4-H work.  Remember this all we have to judge the 4-H'er on, so please make sure it is complete.  Also be sure to indicate for which award they should be considered. 

PDF, 240.3 kB

Please encourage your 4-H members to apply for one of the 4-H County Awards which are due September 22, 2017.

PDF, 192.5 kB

Please encourage your 4-H club to apply for the 4-H Club Community Service Award which is due September 22, 2017.