Time to Re-Enroll

Posted: November 18, 2016

Attention all Leaders, Members and Families.

It’s time to start the re-enrollment process. Members who anticipate participating in any events or projects such as livestock projects, farm show, state leadership conference, National 4-H Congress need to enroll immediately. These must be signed for us to endorse your participation in 4-H events and it will assure your coverage under the 4-H accident and liability policies.

Leaders, please note, I need you to enroll prior to January 1 or before your first club meeting of the new year. Please verify your club meeting date and location with me at the office.

Under the Returning Families there is a link for the procedures to re-enroll for the 2016-2017 year.

The email where you receive this email may be the family email that accesses everyone in the family. Everyone in the family can be enrolled at once. However, please understand that there is a signature required for all family members for: acknowledgment of risk, media release, code of conduct, and special needs. Please be certain that all members electronically sign their signature.

After you re-enroll, a staff member from the extension office will need to accept the enrollment. This is a very simple process. If you know the projects you want for the coming year, feel free to pick those as well.


New members may enroll in your club by following this same link. FYI – 4-H online enrollment is found on the county 4-H Webpage.