4-H in the Mall Awards Results

Posted: November 18, 2016

Congratulations to all our winners.

Congratulations to all our winners.  Poster and Photo first place will be sent to the state for participation in the state photo and poster contest.  

Poster and Photo Contest

Winners in the 2017 Theme Poster Category “Grow True Leaders in 2017”

Cloverbuds: Allyssa Shaffer, Cranberry Clovers

Junior 1. Allyson McVay, Cranberry Clovers

           2. Haylee McVay, Cranberry Clovers

           3. Garrett Schick, Venango’s Edge

Honorable Mention:  Kara Kiley,  Cranberry Clovers

Senior 1. Olivia Schmude, Cranberry Clovers

Winners in the theme of “Your Choice” poster category

Junior 1. . Kiera Delaney, Country Proud

Multi or Photo Story Photo Winners – Senior

1. Elizabeth Sisco, Country Proud


Club Exhibit Winners

Single Interest Club

1. Fur and Feathers

2. Milk Masters


Multi Interest

1. Emlenton Echoes

2. Wesley Busy Bees

3. Country Proud


Member Participation:

Venango’s Edge

Public Relations

Venango’s Edge


2016 Farm Credit Project  Awards

Beef – Jared Armagost, MVP

Dairy – Michaela Bell, Canal Ag

Sheep – Sydney Kent, MVP

Swine –Emilee Klingler, Emlenton Echoes

Goat – Abby Brockett, Wesley Busy Bees

Rabbit – Libby Kent, MVP

Turkey – Libby Kent, MVP

Horse Production – Mia Hopkins, Rebels

Vegetables – Madison Powers, Wesley Busy Bees


Our overall Ag Choice Farm Credit Award Winner is : Abby Brockett, Wesley Busy Bees


2016 Development Committee Project Awards

Science and Technology: Robert Schick, Venango’s Edge

Environmental Science and Earth Sciences:  Lucy Hutchinson, Emlenton Echoes

Floriculture:  Raelynn Montgomery, Farm Friends

Clothing and Textiles: Grace Barlett, Emlenton Echoes

Horse Pleasure:  Madison Powers, Wesley Busy Bees

Leadership:  Kelsey Ziegler, Emlenton Echoes

Food and Nutrition:  Emilee Klingler, Emlenton Echoes

Small Animals:  Jacob Valdesalice, Farm Friends

Healthy Lifestyles – Robert Schick, Venango’s Edge

Photography – Mia Hopkins


Overall 4-H Development Committee Awards:

1st Place:  Lucy Hutchinson, Emlenton Echoes

2nd Place:  Grace Barlett, Emlenton Echoes

3rd Place:  Kelsey Ziegler, Emlenton Echoes


Conte Organic Award:  Madison Powers, Wesley Busy Bees

Judy Riddle Award:  Lucy Hutchinson, Emlenton Echoes


Cloverbud Participants:

Kenadee Alcorn, Country Proud

Emma Barrett, Cranberry Chargers

Haylee Blauser, Milk Masters

Brody Bowler, Cranberry Chargers

Elise Flinspach, Milk Masters

Kyle Johnson, Canal Ag and Milk Masters

Sydney McMasters, Cranberry Chargers

Alyssa Shaffer, Cranberry Clovers

Anna Shaffer, Emlenton Echoes


Ladder to Leadership Awards

Green Award Level 1

Grace Barlett

Mason Criado

Eden Criado

Keira Delaney

Kyley Freeman

Maddie Johnson

Lydia Kennedy

Olivia Kennedy

Mallory McMasters

Allyson McVay

Avery Metz

RaeLynn Montgomery

Matthew Plummer

Robert Schmude

Sam Shaffer

Roni Shaffer

Lydia Sheatz

Chloe Shreffler

Grace Stine

Mary Stine


White Clover – Level 2

Morgan Alcorn

Taylor Beers

Jenny Delaney

Cadi Delaney

Olivia Drake

Abby Freeman

Miranda Gardner

Amber Holt

Libby Kent

Ethan Knapp

Nadalie Latchaw

Haylee McVay

Garrett Schick

Olivia Schmude

Joy Lillian Sheatz

Colton Shreffler


Bronze Award Level 3

Jordan Armagost

Nicholas Barrett

 Allie Champluvier

Rachel Champluvier

Emalee Fitzgerald

Amber Flynn

Ella Graham

Aemillia Hopkins

Paige Klingler

Kaylee Knapp

Maxwell Knapp

Audrianna Montgomery

Rex Montgomery

Braxton Phillips

Cailyn Shaffer

Hannah Sisco 

Ashlyn Ziegler


Silver Clover Award – Level 4

Sam Anderson

McKayla Birchard

David Brockett

Michael Fitzgerald

Nick Fox

Sydney Kent

Megan Latchaw

MacKenzie Metz

Mason Powers

Lydia Seaton

Kalynne Ziegler


Gold Award- Level 5

Jared Armagost

Abigail Brockett

Emilee Klingler

Dori Kralj

Madison Powers

Robert Schick


Diamond Award – Level 6

Michaela Bell

Lucy Hutchinson

Alexsis Shreffler

Kelsey Ziegler


2016-2017  Outstanding Junior 4-H Members  (for 8-10 year olds)

Ethan Knapp, Milkmasters & Farm Friends

Joy Sheatz, Venango’s Edge


2016-2017   Outstanding Intermediate 4-H members  (for 11-13 year olds)

Allie Champluvier, Milk Masters

Max Knapp, Milkmasters and Farm Friends


2016-2017  King & Queen and Court   (for 14-18 year olds)

Queen -- Lucy Hutchinson, Emlenton Echoes, Electrotechs, and Teen County Council

1st Runner Up -- Abigail Brockett, Wesley Busy Bees, Country Proud & Teen Co Council

2nd Runner Up -- Kelsey Ziegler, Emlenton Echoes, Teen County Council

3rd Runner Up --  Emilee Klingler, Emlenton Echoes, Teen County Council

4th Runner Up --  Michaela Bell, Milkmasters 4-H Club


King -- Sam Anderson, Wesley Busy Bees, Electrotechs, Teen County Council

1st Runner Up -- Robert Schick, Venango’s Edge

2nd Runner Up -- Mason Powers, Wesley Busy Bees, Teen County Council

3rd Runner Up -- Jared Armagost, MVP, Wesley Busy Bees & Teen Co Council

4th Runner Up -- David Brockett, Wesley Busy Bees, & Teen County Council