4-H'ers Attend Camp Kanesatake

Posted: July 5, 2012

These days, every other word of caution we hear is about staying active and getting fit. Bringing up a generation of youth that is not plagued with obesity is a new American passion, which is why 4-H decided to undertake an impressive challenge during their four days of 4-H Camp at Camp Kanesetake in Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania is approximately three-hundred miles long or 1,584,000 feet. The average human step is about two and a half feet long, so that would mean that a person would have to take 633,600 steps in order to walk across Pennsylvania. And that is just what the tribes of 4-H members did together during their time at Camp Kanesetake.
Each tribe had about thirty members and together, nearly met their goal of three-hundred miles walked! Pedometers were given to each child at the beginning of the four day camp. At the end of each day, the number of steps taken by each child was recorded. The 4-H members met this challenge by participating in relays, recreational games, early morning jogs, nature walks and, of course, just getting from one place to the next on Camp Kanesetake’s extensive facilities.
4-H Camp is made possible by Penn State Extension as a time to not only relax and catch up with good friends, but also to educate children about the strides they must take to help themselves and their communities.
Eight Pennsylvania counties participated in 4-H camp this year with over one-hundred and fifty campers ages eight to fifteen. When the 4-H’ers weren’t busy in workshops that ranged in topics from CSI investigations and science to self esteem and leadership, they were swimming in the enormous pool, catching fish, cooking over camp fires, taking off from the six-hundred and fifty foot zip line and making crafts. This year’s camp, which took place during the Pennsylvania 4-H Centennial, was one to be remembered by all who participated.