4-H County Council Observe National Youth Safety Month

Posted: April 18, 2012

The Somerset County 4-H Council held its annual meeting on Monday, April 16, 2012. The Council held a brief meeting and then had a presentation dealing with "National Youth Safety Month."

Officer Rich Appel from the Somerset Borough Police came and talked to the group about the effects of drunk driving and the consequences of an underage person drinking or possessing alcohol or drugs.  Officer Appel then had two council members complete three simple tasks to see if they were under the influence (which they were not), but it was used as an example.  The two girls then put on goggles that impaired their sight and other senses and tried to complete the same tasks, but they were unsuccessful.  Twin Lake Representative, Ronna Yablonski, then talked to the group about Blood Alcohol Content and about being safe during the upcoming prom and graduation season.  To finish the night, council members were then able to use the fatal vision goggles and play Wii Mario Cart.  Council members encourage everyone to respect the drinking laws established in Pennsylvania and enjoy a safe Prom and Graduation!