Bohemia Sportsmen Host New Pike County 4-H Shooting Sports Club

Posted: March 16, 2012

Submitted by Ron Tussel

BOHEMIA — Pike County now has a new 4-H Shooting Sports club. Youth ages eight through 18 are now able to gather for some fun and competition under the supervision of the club’s group leader, Ron Tussel.

Dispatch columnist Ron Tussel is well known for his outdoor writing and television appearances and has elected to form the new club as a way to inspire young people with an interest in shooting. “4-H has a lot to offer our young adults in today’s world, and our area did not have a shooting sports club that included rifles. My own children wanted to participate in such a club, so the only answer was to get involved,” Tussel said. Already holding multiple National Rifle Association certifications as an instructor, and having spent more than 15 years as an instructor for the National Bowhunters Foundation and the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Tussel headed off to 4-H camp to become certified as a 4H group leader. Following rigorous background evaluations and after completing the 4-H rifle discipline training, Tussel returned to Pike County to form the club.

“With winter upon us, we needed a place for our meetings, so I called on the Bohemia Sportsman’s Association, and they were kind enough to allow us the use of their clubhouse as a place to get together.” John Stead, president of the Bohemia Sportsmen said, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help get these kids into the shooting sports. Ron is a great instructor, and his own kids can help him out with teaching these youngsters the proper and safe way to enjoy shooting.”

Tussel’s children, JohnMichael and Cheyenne, have been shooting since they were three and four years old, respectively. In fact, Cheyenne was recently qualified as a junior instructor with the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Hunter-Trapper-Education program and currently is the only junior instructor for the northeast region.

The club shoots with air rifles only and this allows the range to move as weather or site conditions dictate. Air rifles are very effective for competing at the 4-H standard of 10 meters, and teach young shooters safe gun handling and offer personal satisfaction and instant results.

The club plans future fund-raisers to help with the purchase of more competitive air rifles, hats, shirts and other gear needed. My local organization or individual is welcomed to donate whenever possible to help ensure the longevity of the newest Pike County 4-H Shooting Sports Club. For information contact or phone 570-237-6454. The club currently meets the last Sunday of every month on Route 590 in Bohemia, weather permitting.