Remember the Perry County 4-H Forever Fund

Posted: December 15, 2014

Every gift regardless of size, is important. Clubs as well as individual members, leaders and families are encouraged to consider a donation to the Leadership Endowment Fund.

Gifts to the endowment can be given as a memorial or in honor of someone important in your life or your 4-H experience. What a great way to honor the volunteer leader that taught you to _______________  (fill in the blank - sew, cook, groom your animal, etc.)! Donations are made and payable to the Perry County 4-H PDC and sent to the Extension Office. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Perry County 4-H Development Committee

PO Box 129

New Bloomfield PA 17068


Donor Name: _______________________________________

Address ___________________________________________

City ________________________________ State _________

Phone ___________________________

Apply my donation to:

General 4-H Fund ____________________________

Leadership Endowment ________________________