31 From County Attend CSC 4-H Camp Brule

Posted: July 6, 2011

22 Campers, 8 Counselors and 1 Adult Staff Attend 4-H Camp, 2011
Campers, Counselors, Adult & Extension Staff at 2011 Camp Brule

Campers, Counselors, Adult & Extension Staff at 2011 Camp Brule

The 2011 CSC 4-H Camp Brule is in the books and Northumberland County had 31 representatives attend the five-day camp.  These 31 attendees were among nearly 250 campers, counselors, volunteers and staff that attended.  "Hollywood in the Hills" was the theme for this year's camp and, overall, a great time was had by all.  Overall, the group was treated to a great week of fun, friendship and, of course, a bit of learning, too! 

The campers from Northumberland County were: Alley Bassett, Lizzy Bassett (Camper-At-Training), Brian Birster, David Brittingham, Christina Ferdock, Sara Nicola, Victoria Nicola, Hailey Nungesser, Harry Nungesser (Camper-At-Training), Melissa Owens, Carmine Picarelli, Gianna Picarelli, Caleb Ross, Haley Ross, Heidi Ross, Madison Shipe, Seth Shultz, Caleb Stassel, Lydia Stassel, Kaitlyn Trent, Ashley Wilga, and Justin Wilga.  These campers represent 4-H members from the Backwoodsmen, Saddle Starz, Mount Carmel Galloping Tornadoes and the Coal Township Miners 4-H Clubs.

Kate Bassett, a Backwoodsmen 4-H member, served as one of three "Key Counselors" at Camp.  Lead Counselors included Sarah Bassett, Elizabeth Pope, Zach Raker, and Valerie Rarig of the Backwoodsmen; Ashley Persing of the Saddle Starz 4-H Club; and Tara Reed of the Coal Township Miners/Wolfpack 4-H Club.  Amber Rarig, of the Backwoodsmen, served as a Counselor.

Northumberland County also had Jackie Schroeder, a first-year volunteer leader, help as an adult staff member at camp this year.

CSC 4-H Camp Brule is held each June and is located in Estella (Sullivan County), PA.  To see pictures from the five-day camp, please go to: