Montgomery County 4-H Club Fair Share Program

Fair Share Makes a Difference!

In 1984, the Montgomery County Farm, Home, and 4-H Foundation (henceforth, the Foundation) formed for the purpose of providing office and meeting facilities, and financial support for the Montgomery County 4-H program. The implications were significant, and shortly thereafter, the Foundation purchased the 4-H Center located on Route 113.

The Foundation acquired facilities that include meeting space, grounds, barns, and show rings. 4-H Clubs have access to these facilities free of charge for their meetings and events.

Between 1984 and 1990, many clubs wanted to contribute to the Foundation, and during that time, $8,328.45 was donated. In 1991, the Fair Share program began. Since then, clubs have contributed an additional $63,534.34. Last year, 4 clubs participated and contributed a total of $1197.42.

Initially, contributions helped repay the mortgage. After the mortgage was repaid, contributions help offset the maintenance costs for the 4-H Center.

Expenses continue to increase. Particularly as the buildings age, maintenance becomes necessary...and expensive. For example, in the past two years, new windows and air conditioning units were installed in the meeting rooms. In the future, the heating system, restrooms, barn roofs, and many other repairs will need to occur.

The costs of providing and maintaining the 4-H Center is offset by rental income, private donations, and the Fair Share contributions from 4-H Clubs.

The Foundation remains as committed today as at inception to its mission of supporting the 4-H program in Montgomery County. However, 4-H Clubs need to participate in the Fair Share program so that clubs can continue to have free access to these facilities.

There are many ways to collect donations for the Fair Share Fund, some clubs circulate a jar or a can during club meetings and members or parents contribute their pocket change. After the money is collected, a leader or whomever is designated for the club puts the Fair Share contributions into a Ziploc baggie or an envelope (do not wrap coins), marks the club’s name and “FAIR SHARE” on it, and takes it to the Extension Office. After hours, envelopes may be slid into the drop slot in the office door.

Alternatively, clubs may choose to contribute labor to a project or to provide something that the center needs. The donation year for the Fair Share program begins August 1 of each year and concludes July 31 of the following year.

Please encourage your members to contribute. Doing your Fair Share will help the Foundation provide Montgomery County 4-H Clubs with meeting space and fair grounds to enable 4-H members to make the best better.




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An informational brochure explaining the Fair Share Fund.