The 4-H Program offers youth opportunities outside of the traditional club setting to build leadership, citizenship, and life skills that last a lifetime. These opportunities occur at the county, regional, state, and national levels, and are supported by extension staff, volunteer adult leaders, and members' families.

County Level

Lock-In (ages 8-12, open to public)
Overnight activities and crafts at Big Spring High School. Games, volleyball, basketball, various crafts and breakfast. Eleven hours of excitement!

Speak Out Night (ages 8-18)
Presentations, Impromptu speeches, Radio Spots, and 4-H Pledge and Pledge of Allegiance Contests.  Usually held in the spring.  Details sent out yearly.

Officers Training
Coordinated with teen leaders and volunteers who explain how to perform roles of officers and give ideas of how each officer should carry out his/her duties.

Ag Science Day Camp (ages 8-12, open to public)
Two-day camp for youth to experience farm life and its importance in their lives. Also opportunities for teens to act as group counselors.

Teen Leadership Council (ages 13-18)
County wide group promoting interaction among all 4-H members through social activities and community service.

4-H Achievement Night
Yearly banquet to celebrate and honor 4-H members and leaders for their achievements throughout the project year. Usually held in October.

Regional Level

Regional Overnight Camp
A camping experience for youth ages 8-12 held at a regional camp site. This 3-4 day event includes crafts, activities, and educational workshops. Campers experience and learn the social dynamics of group living in an informal, supervised setting. 

Capital Region Winter Academy (formerly Pre-Teen Retreat)
A camping experience for youth ages 10-13 usually held in late February or early March. Details sent out yearly.

State Level

Capital Days
This two-day event is a citizenship development program typically held in April in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It provides experiences for 4-H members, ages 15-19, to help them understand how state government operates and their roles as Pennsylvania citizens.

State 4-H Achievement Days
This three-day event is held at University Park in July or August. It provides the opportunity for 4-H members, ages 13-19, to demonstrate their skills & knowledge in selected areas; become better acquainted with Penn State faculty, services, & facilities; and broaden the 4-H interaction experiences of youth and adults from around the state.

State 4-H Leadership Conference
Workshops, Ambassador Training, and Leadership Training activities in State College, Days Inn Hotel, usually held in January or February. A wonderful leadership conference for 4-H members ages 13-18.

Pennsylvania State 4-H Council
Select group of young people who organize and run the State 4-H Leadership Conference, promote 4-H, talk to legislators in Harrisburg and Washington D.C., write news articles and appear on TV and radio. They generally meet at Penn State University Park Campus.

National Level

National 4-H Conference
This eight-day event is held at the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  4-H youth, ages 15-17, and adults from across the nation meet to discuss, review, & evaluate Cooperative Extension and the 4-H program and to recommend changes and new directions.

National 4-H Congress
This program offers 4-H delegates new and stimulating educational and cultural experiences to foster personal growth and leadership/citizenship development; recognize the accomplishments of 4-H members; provide an incentive for 4-H members to achieve excellence; and provide a forum for communication and exchange of ideas among young people and adults. Two Outstanding 4-H members selected by Recognition Forms and subsequent processes take part in this event featuring educational workshops, recognition events and banquets, career-oriented and cultural tours, and recreational activities. The event is held in Atlanta, Georgia beginning the Friday after Thanksgiving and concluding the following Tuesday.

International Level

International 4-H
International 4-H is a part of 4-H Citizenship. 4-H’s approach to citizenship is to help youth and their families learn about their rights and responsibilities as citizens at various levels: family, club, community, county, state, nation, and world. The purpose of 4-H global citizenship is to assist youth, volunteers, alumni, and their families in acquiring knowledge, developing life skills, and forming attitudes that will further their development as self-directed, productive members of an interdependent global community. International opportunities include travel to other countries, hosting youth and adults from other countries, cross-cultural camps, international evenings, pen pals, and study about other counties and cultures.