Chester County 4-H Week

Posted: September 28, 2011

A 4-H Fair retrospective by a 4-H parent and volunteer
Children learning about cows from a 4-H member

Children learning about cows from a 4-H member

   Imagine this: it is a beautiful summer day and a group of children from Chester County have come together to enjoy each others company.  They are laughing and interacting with each other, brought together by common interests.  It’s not a difficult scene to imagine.  Now alter the image just a bit and imagine those children coming from two completely different backgrounds.  One group from the bucolic farm life the county is known for, and the other from the underserved community who have never seen a farm or farm animal.

    This is exactly what happened during Chester County’s 4-H week.  Children from both walks of life came together.  The 4-H members were at the 4-H Romano Center to show their livestock.  They have been working toward this week’s show all year but on this day they are also there to share their knowledge and passion with children who would otherwise never have the opportunity to come in direct contact with sheep, cattle, pigs, and goats. 

    Children from Regency Park Apartments, Church of the Living Waters, Garnet Terrace Apartments, Chestnuts Street, Avondale Apartments, Townview Drive, and Garfield Commons came to the Romano Center to tour the 4-H exhibits during County Fair Week.  Richard, a wide-eyed 8 year old from Avondale, said, “I like the cows the best. They are soft.” Brandon, from Coatesville, was enamored with the sheep and said, “I could take care of one someday.”  Members of the sheep club gave the children feed to feed the livestock.  The building was filled with giggles and smiles and the atmosphere was infectious.

    The sheep club was not alone in their outstretched hand of friendship. A member of the goat club allowed the children to hold kids that were only two weeks old.  The children, who ranged in age from preschool to late elementary school, were thrilled to be able to hold the babies.  The pig and cattle club members were eager to answer all the children’s’ questions and show them how they take care of the livestock.  The 4-H members even allowed the children to brush and vacuum the animals.

    “I have learned a lot about leadership and community responsibly through 4-H” said Chris a sheep club member.  A mom from the pig club said she is sad that it is her son’s last year in 4-H, “He has learned so much in this organization (about life) and made so many friendships.”  It is evident that these 4-H members believe in pledging their hands to greater service.  They have reached out to the community through this fair and possibly piqued the interest of future 4-H members.


  •     Written by Judy Lion – Gum Tree 4-H Parent