4-H Geocache Established

Posted: June 22, 2011

A 4-H geocache has been established in the Mt. Pisgah County Park in Bradford County. This is for those 4-H members that are participating in the Bradford or Tioga County orienteering/GPS project.

To get to the County Park travel on US 6 to East Troy, then turn north on Leona Road. Immediately past the East Troy baseball field, turn east on Pisgah Road. Travel about 1 mile and then turn north on Wilcox Road. Travel up Wilcox Road to the Park.

Travel to the pavilion and picnic area or all the way to the top of the park. From there you can begin searching for the geocache. The cache is located so you will not need to “crash” through the brush. It is an old military surplus ammunition box, painted white. When you find it, write your name, the date and your 4-H club on the small tablet in the box. You are welcome to take one or two items in the box.

Please call Bob Hansen a couple of days before you plan on searching for the cache and he can make sure it hasn’t “walked off” and then call him after you find it. You can reach him at (570) 265-2896. If you have a 4-H member who may have difficulty in getting off a road or trail, please call Bob and he can make special accommodations for 4-Hers with special needs.


  • N 41°48’ 33.8”
  • W 076°42’ 51.3”

You can enter these coordinates in your GPS unit and begin searching for the cache.

Hint: Be careful of the old pile of logs!