Farming as Rocket Science
September 9, 2013
"Why American agriculture is different from the European variety and how does 4-H change the equation?" BEFORE growing up to become farmers, a startling number of America's rural kids are taught how to build rockets. Every year rural skies fill with mini-missiles built by children. The largest will fly hundreds of feet, carrying altimeters, parachutes and payloads of eggs. Baseball diamonds are popular launch sites, as are alfalfa fields: the latter tend to be large and, compared with other crops, alfalfa tolerates a fair bit of trampling. All this tinkering and swooshing explains a lot about American farms.
4-H Pittsburgh : Explore, Discover, Learn and Lead
August 29, 2013
Through the generous support of The Heinz Endowments, 4-H Pittsburgh has teamed with two long standing grass roots organizations (The Kingsley Association and Nabhi Christian Ministries) to deliver an innovative youth development program geared towards African-American males. The project will primarily involve two neighborhoods, Larimer and Lincoln-Lemington.
Embryology Available as School Enrichment Program
January 24, 2013
This spring students can incubate and hatch live chicks in their classroom. Chick Embryology is our most popular School Enrichment project.