What's Your 4-H Story?

Posted: September 9, 2011

2012 will mark 100 years of 4-H Programming in Pennsylvania. The program has truly grown from its rural beginnings to its global success of today, and everyone involved has a story to tell.

The 4-H Centennial Planning Committee would like to capture these stories and paint a historical picture through stories and photos of the last 100 years of the Pennsylvania 4-H program.
4-H members, leaders, 4-H alumni, former 4-H leaders, current and former extension educators, and/or family members are invited to submit a story and photos. Please remember stories and photos cannot be returned so participants are asked to send a high-quality copy of any photo submitted. The photo if possible should relate to the story.

What to include:
• Name (please include your maiden name if applicable);
• Physical address and email address;
• What county(s) you were involved with in 4-H;
• Years you were involved in 4-H;
• Your connection to 4-H (club, leaders names, member, parent, leader, educator, family member, etc.); educators are asked to include what their area of expertise was;
• If sending photos please make sure names of those in the photos are included, include dates and locations as well.

The committee is looking for stories from all generations from the last 100 years to more accurately paint a historical picture of the successes of the PA 4-H Program. Stories should highlight a special mement in one’s 4-H experience.

The goal is to have 4-H stories and photos on exhibit around the state in 2012 starting with Farm Show. The planning committee will be publishing a collection of stories. More information on this project will be shared with 4-H educators when available.

Stories and photos can be mailed or emailed to Carol Schurman, Indiana County 4-H Educator, 827 Water Street, Indiana, PA 15701,